IU GitHub Guidelines for Assignments

The course uses private IU GitHub repositories to collect online assignment submissions. The following instructions explain how to setup the private repositories for the course projects.


The assignments public repository contains assignment descriptions and submission guidelines in each branch, for example, homework 3 is in the hw3 branch. Each assignment is stayed in an individual branch. A student creates a private repository in the course organization bdossp-sp16 and make a pull request with the template repository. Required files and directories are added in a student private repository and they are ready to make changes and submit solutions. Note that the name of the repository should be IU Username e.g. albert if you have IU email address like albert @ indiana.edu and should remain in private.



Report to Course Team if you can’t find your repository

  • Clone your private repository on your home directory on india.futuresystems.org,

and REPLACE USERNAME with your real IU Username:

git clone git@github.iu.edu:bdossp-sp16/USERNAME.git
  • Create a branch in your local that you’d like to work with, e.g. hw3 for homework 3:

    git branch hw3
    git checkout hw3
  • Pull the template repository: https://github.iu.edu/orgs/bdossp-sp16/assignments.git

    git pull git@github.iu.edu:bdossp-sp16/assignments.git hw3
  • Push your changes to remote once you completed tasks in assignments and committed your changes. :

    git push -u origin hw3

IU GitHub via HTTPS or SSH

Two authenticated ways to clone IU GitHub. SSH and HTTPS.

  • SSH: if you see a git URL starts with git@, you are using SSH

e.g. git@github.iu.edu:bdossp-sp16/assignments.git

  • HTTPS: Your IU site wide ID and Password will be required to authenticate in terminal.

e.g. https://github.iu.edu/bdossp-sp16/assignments.git