Units in Technology Section - Spring 2016


Projects on Big Data Software course introduces lessons in two sections: Theory and Technology. Units in Technology are listed in this page. To navigate Theory Units, syllabus and discussions, please use the course site scholargrid.org.

Schedule for Units in Technology Section

Schedule Section on Technologies
Topic Due
Gaining Access to FutureSystems and Core Technologies 01/25


System Notice

Gaining Access to FutureSystems and Core Technologies

In this unit, you will learn how to gain access to the FutureSystems resources. It includes the portal account creation, class project participation, SSH key generation and login node access. Some of other lessons have been prepared for the beginners to help understand the basics of Linux operating systems and the collaboration tools i.e. GitHub, Google Hangout and Remote Desktop. Please watch video lessons and read through web contents.

Collaboration Tools
Topic Video Text
Overview and Introduction 16 mins 10 mins
  • Google+, Hangout, Remote Desktop
4 mins 15 mins
GitHub 18 mins 30 mins
System Access to FutureSystems
Topic Video Text
ssh-keygen 4 mins 10 mins
Account Creation 12 mins 10 mins
Remote Login 6 mins 10 mins
Putty for Windows 11 mins 10 mins
Linux Basics
Topic Video Text
Overview and Introduction 4 mins 5 mins
Shell Scripting 15 mins 30 mins
  • Emacs, vi, and nano
5 mins 30 mins
  • virtualenv, Pypi
27 mins 1 hour
Package Managers
  • yum, apt-get, and brew
3 mins 10 mins
Advanced SSH
  • SSH Config and Tunnel
3 mins 20 mins
Modules 3 mins 10 mins


Find an editor that you will be using to do your programming with. For advanced Python programming we recommend PyCharm. However you can use others e.g. Enthought Canopy on your local computer. The way you could use it is to edit python locally, push the code into github and check it out into your vm or your login node on india.futuresystems.org. This is how many of us work.

Length of the lessons in this Unit

  • Total of video lessons: 2 hours
  • Total of study materials: 4 hours and 30 minutes

Assignment HW

Get Ready for FutureSystems and Warm-Up
Topic Description
Start with Account, Github and Python 9 tasks